Nature Coast Anglers
 A Salt Water Fishing Club based out of Citrus County, Florida  

Members Only

7/16/16 Amendments to NCA Rules and Regulations




Purpose: To further each members' overall knowledge of fishing and places to fish through education and club activities, and to offer a framework for members to develop friendships with other members that share the same interest.

Membership: In order to be a member in good standing and be afforded the privileges of membership to include participating in club activities and voting rights, a person must be current with their    membership dues and have been approved by the Executive Committee. All prospective    members will complete an application and submit it to the Executive Committee for evaluation and determination of membership.

Meetings: General membership meetings will be held once a month. All meetings are open to non-members by invitation only.

Dues: Membership dues are required to be paid by the conclusion of the January meeting to maintain active membership. Prospective members dues must be paid with submission of their application. The annual dues will be set by the membership.

Officers: The officers will be President, Secretary, Treasurer, Officer at Large, Activities Chairman, Program Chairman, and Fishing Chairman. Terms will be for one year. All officers will assume their duties at the conclusion of the meeting at which they were elected.

Elections: Elections for officers will be held at the January general membership meeting of each year.

Officers will be elected by a simple majority vote. In the event no candidate receives a majority vote, a second vote between the two leading candidates will be held with the person receiving the simple majority vote declared the winner. In the event any office becomes vacated, it shall be filled by a special election, called at the next scheduled meeting or meetings thereafter until the vacancy are filled. All members in good standing are eligible to hold office.

Voting Rights: All members in good standing are eligible to vote at general meetings. Proxy voting shall be allowed for the general election only. 

A written proxy must be delivered to the Secretary prior to the general election in order to be valid.

Duties of the President: It shall be the duty of the President to set an agenda for all general meetings and to conduct those meetings in an orderly fashion, while maintaining the overall purpose of the club and it's its bylaws.

Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary keeps the minutes of the general meeting, assuring the accuracy of dates, times, and events. The Secretary shall also maintain the club directory. 

Information shall be distributed to the membership in a timely fashion. 

If at any time it becomes necessary for the Secretary to vacate his office, he shall turn over to the President, Officer at Large or incoming Secretary all records to include, but not be limited to;
(1) minutes of the general membership meetings, 
(2) minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and a copy of the club directory.

Duties of the Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive all money coming into the club, and keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures. 

He shall maintain an accurate membership role and record of dues paid. 

All financial records will be available for examination at the monthly general meeting.

Upon the expiration of the Treasurer's term, all money and records are to be turned over to his successor.

Duties of the Officer at Large: It shall be the duty of the Officer at Large, upon approval and conformation by the Executive Committee, to fill any office, which shall become vacant until such time the office is filled by a Special Election. 

At the direction of the President, the Officer at Large may be assigned additional duties as the need arises.

Duties of the Fishing Chairman: It shall be the duty of the Fishing Chairman to plan Tournaments (Regular, Team and Couple), administer the weigh-ins, determine winners, and send results to the Secretary for distribution to membership.

 He shall also keep a current listing of the tournaments members have participated in, their points, and the point standings in each tournament category. 

He shall also determine the species for tournaments and present it to the Executive Committee for prior approval. The Chairman, at his discretion, may select volunteers to assist him in carrying out his duties.

Duties of the Activities Chairman: It shall be duty of the Activities Chairman, or Co-Chairmen, to plan in advance club outings, picnics, and special events. 

Prior to execution and presentation to the membership, the Chairman or Co-Chairmen shall present his/their proposed plans to the Executive Committee for evaluation and final determination. The Chairman at his or their discretion may select volunteers to assist him/them in carrying out his/their duties.

Duties of the Program Chairman:  It shall be the duty of the Program Chairman to secure guest speakers or otherwise arrange for monthly programs designed to improve member's knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the sport of fishing. 

Prior to execution and presentation to the membership the Chairman shall present his proposed plans to the Executive Committee for evaluation and final determination.

The Chairman, at his discretion, may select volunteers to assist him in carrying out his duties.

Duties of the Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected officers. 

It will meet as needed to develop future agendas, set the direction and objectives of the club, set policies and procedures, and make decisions on the acceptance of new members. 

It shall be the duty of each member to support all decisions concerning proposals or motions arrived at by a majority vote, or greater, of the members provided a quorum of the committee members are present for the vote.

Policies and Procedures: Policies and Procedures will be established and maintained, in writing, by the Executive Committee, and will be available to the membership. 

Any member may call for a vote of the membership to change any policy or procedure.

Amending the Bylaws: Resolutions to amend the bylaws may be presented at any general meeting by any member. Upon the approval of the Executive Committee, a vote will be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting and will require a two-thirds majority vote to pass.


1. Only active NCA members in good standing can participate in club tournaments. No guests permitted on any craft participating in club tournament other than the yearly Guest/Member Tournament.

2. Any participant checking in at the designated weigh-in spot on time will be a legal participant in the tournament.

3. Anglers may launch boats at any location and fish any area they wish. Start time is after 12:01 a.m. the day of the tournament. Weigh-ins will be held at MacRae's at 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified. No fish will be accepted 15 minutes after designated weigh-in time.

4. Fish may be taken by rod and reel only, using live, cut or artificial bait. 

5. The length of all fish will be measured for legality and then weighed. Only one legal fish per targeted species may be entered in the tournament. Only one place will be awarded to any one angler per species. If more than one member has a fish of the same weight and species, equal points will be given to each individual. This pertains to first, second and third place.

   Current Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations will govern legal bag and size limits. (FWC regulations for measuring fish are as follows:
   Fish regulated by fork length are measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to the center of the fork in the tail; 
   Fish regulated by total length are measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to the farthest     tip of the tail with the tail compressed. 

6. Points will be awarded to the first three places for targeted species.
    First place - 15 points
    Second place - 10 points
    Third place – 5 points
    Grand Slam - 20 Bonus points 
    Note:  When Snook are in season NCA members have an opportunity to score a bonus 20 points during a regular      monthly tournament with a Grand Slam of legal size Snook, Redfish, and Trout.

7. No entry fee is required to fish in tournaments.

8. In the event of inclement weather, each individual angler should decide if he (or she) can fish safely given the weather conditions and his (or her) level of boat handling skill. If the tournament is cancelled, the Fishing Chairman will notify members of the cancellation by 6:00 pm the night before via email. 

9. For record keeping purposes, members will be required to sign an attendance sheet at the weigh in.

10. A member bringing a fish to a tournament weigh-in that has been altered in any way will automatically lose his membership in the Nature Coast Anglers.

11. 2 Person Russ Sachleben Team Tournament:

    Teams only need to weigh in one legal trout or redfish to qualify for the final fish-off. 

    All qualifiers from each team tournament will advance to the team fish-off.

    Teams qualifying the 1st tournament may not weigh-in at the 2nd tournament. 

    All qualifying teams will compete in the final fish-off .  

    The winning team will be determined on the basis of total weight of legal fish they have weighed in at the fish-off.  No      more than two trout and one redfish per team. 

    In the final team fish-off, members will be required to fish with the partner he/she qualified with in either the first or            second tournament. 
    In the event that one of the partners is unable to compete in the finals, the remaining partner can fish alone and will 
    be permitted to weigh-in two trout and one redfish.

12. Guest/Member Tournament (a.k.a Couple’s Tournament): 

Members participating in the Guest/Member Tournament are encouraged to fish with their spouse or significant other or, if not available, a family member or a friend.  If both the husband and wife are club members and wish to fish together in this tournament, only the wife may weigh in a fish and will be considered the “guest”.  Guests may not be guides.
    The guest will weigh in their largest Trout and/or Redfish.
    A guest may win for either the largest Trout or largest Redfish, but not both. 

    In the event that only one and the same species is weighed-in by all participating guests, the 2nd largest of that species will determine the 2nd winning guest/member team.

    The cost of lunch up to $25.00 will be awarded to each of the two winning guest/member teams to be used at a restaurant of their choice. A receipt must be provided to the Treasurer for reimbursement. A gift certificate of comparable value may be given as an alternate prize.

13. Angler of the Year:
             Will be the member with the most accumulated net tournament points. In case of a tie, there will be a fish-off as defined by the Fishing Chairman to determine the winner.  Recognition will be noted also for second and third place finishers as well as those who fished all twelve monthly tournaments.

                               NATURE COAST ANGLERS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES rev 7/2016











 Note: Membership application consists of items II and III


Members Must:

1. Own or have unlimited access to a fishing boat

2. Be sponsored by a current member in good standing.

3. Be 2I years of age or older.

4. Have a valid Florida fishing license.

5. Have their own fishing equipment, rods, reels, etc.

6. Be enthusiastic about fishing and display good sportsmanship.

7.  Agree to participate in club activities, be willing to serve on committees as needed, and contribute to the club’s overall success.

            NOTE:  The Executive Committee will rule on exemptions to requirements on an individual basis and reserves the right to terminate membership for behavior deemed not becoming to the Club.

To apply for membership in Nature Coast Anglers, an application and waiver of liability must be obtained in person from the club secretary at a monthly meeting and filled out in full.

An application fee (currently $25.00) must accompany the completed application and be submitted to the Secretary at a meeting. The application will be considered by the Executive Committee.  If approved, the applicant will be notified by the Secretary.

Monthly meetings are currently held at the Elks Lodge Hall on Grover Cleveland Blvd. in Homosassa beginning at 7:00 pm.


                 See Membership Application Page


                  See Membership Application Page

Active Professional Guides will be accepted into the club "dues free", with the provision that they give at least one seminar per year at a club meeting if asked to do so. They are not counted as part of the "regular" membership, but are in a separate category. They cannot hold office and have no voting rights. Any member who is a licensed captain or guide who holds himself out for hire shall not be allowed to compete in any club fishing tournament that awards prizes. Licensed captains or guides may not accompany an active member entered in any club fishing tournament.

                                                                     ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES

Annual dues shall be $25.00 per member. Any prospective member accepted for membership at any time within the last quarter of any year will be charged a 50% membership fee for the remainder of that year. 

Dues for the following years would be those established by the club at that time for annual membership dues.

                                                                              ORDER OF BUSINESS

The Order of Business Nature Coast Anglers will use to conduct its business at regularly scheduled meetings is as follows:

l. Meeting called to Order

2. Guests, New Members present

3. Reports

    Secretaries Report

    Treasurers Report

    Fishing Report

4. Committee Reports

    Executive Committee

    Fishing Chairman

    Activities Chairman

    Program Chairman

5. Old Business

6. New Business

7. Announcements

8. Program

9. Adjournment

Note: It shall be at the discretion of the President to determine the order where the program will be placed.

                                                                           PERPETUAL TROPHIES

The club will furnish a plaque inscribed "Nature Coast Anglers, Angler of the Year", recognizing the individual member and year awarded that title. The club will furnish a plaque inscribed "Nature Coast Anglers", Presidents recognizing the individual member and year of office. Bob Buning will be recognized as the Founder.

                                                                                  CLUB WEBSITE 

Nature Coast Anglers will create a club web site named,

1. The Executive committee will appoint a web-master to set up and maintain the web site.

2. The Executive Committee will appoint at least one assistant web-master.

3. The web-master is the only club member permitted to enter data on the web site.

4 The assistant web-master(s) may only enter data with the web-master's permission or when the web-master is unavailable.

5. No data or information may be entered or deletions made without the Executive Board approval.

                                                  COASTAL CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA

The Club will pay for membership dues in the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida for the current and all future Club Presidents.

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